Organisation and fastening problems solved cleverly:

With Pfeiffer’s hook and loop tape

Hook- and loop fasteners


Our hook and loop tapes are made for intensive use and can be opened and closed up to 10.000 times. They are made of polyamide or polyester yarn (depending the required use). Also they can be delivered with different glues for different materials and surfaces.

Standard glue

1. Hotmelt: glue made from rubber. Very good adhesive strength on most materials. Can be used from  -10 up to  + 85 degree.

2. Acrylat: dispersion based glue. Suitable for most materials. Very good restistance against most softening agents. Can be used from  – 40 up to  + 110 degree.

Other glues on request.


Hook- and loop fasteners

Standard width:

16,20,25,30,38,50,100,150 mm

Standard colours:
black, white – on stock (polyamide)

order-related production

Standard colours: